• Network of fellow women entrepreneurs or WENpreneurs.
  • Flexibility to choose between full time / part time / contractual opportunities.
  • Continuous flow of work due to large network Back-end support and assistance in managing compliances and other related things.
  • Training and guidance during the work and up-skilling opportunities.
  • We enable women to work, collaborate, grow, learn and excel through our platform.
  • Chance to restart your career with proper guidance and training from experts.

No, not only women, anyone can be a part of WEN platform.

Right now, we have more women entrepreneurs and women freelancers working with us.

There is no fee to join WEN Network if you come with past recruiting experience. But if you come from a non – recruiting domain, you are recommended to go through our paid Mentoring Program at WENcademy, our learning initiative and then start your recruiting journey.

Laptop, Good Internet, Phone, the ability to restart, will to consistently work as requirement requires (needs 3 months of consistent effort before you can start making money).

Revenue is directly proportionate to the time you put in.

WENcademy is an Initiative of WEN (Women Entrepreneur Network). We are a learning community enabling career advancement & career restart journey to professionals from diverse backgrounds.

  • At WENcademy, we offer Recruiting Programs which are Instructor Led, simple to understand & gives our participants an opportunity to develop new competency & skill of hiring talent across industries.
  • We are innovating to increase pool of available talent in recruiting space by focusing on mentoring various communities; students, stay at home parents, women re-starters to name few to take up recruiting as a skill.
  • We can hire & train recruiting talent for Client’s various In-house recruiting roles.
  • Upskilling: We can train Client’s existing pool of recruiters with the new age recruiting practices to ensure higher effectiveness at job.
  • All our sessions are Mentor Led Live sessions (Mentors with Recruiting Industry Experience of 14+ Years) and not Pre-Recorded or self-paced sessions for participants. These online sessions are a combination of concepts, case studies, mock Interviews, worksheets and group discussions. There are dedicated modules to discuss each process step of recruiting.
  • In our Flagship Programs, we have dedicated modules to discuss process steps like Sourcing Techniques & New Age Tools / platforms, Interview Techniques to name few.
  • We have Open Sessions (Participant Led Q&A) and One – On – One Sessions with our mentor for each program participant.
  • On successful participation & assessments, participants will be rewarded with Certification of Participation titled Certified Global Talent Consultant.
  • Any of the Program Modules can be taken by Participant independently at a minimum participation cost per module.
  • Participants get Invitations to various other In-house Live Trainings by WEN
  • Participants free access to Webinars by WEN
  • Sales Professionals: Looking at career switch from sales
  • Non-Recruiting Professionals : Looking at starting their career in recruitments
  • Recruiting Professionals: Restarting their career post sabbatical, career breaks
  • Corporate HR Professionals: Looking at starting their recruitments roles at work
  • Existing Entrepreneurs / Start-Ups: Looking at creating excellence in their existing recruitment Process
  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs : Looking at starting Recruitment Consulting Ventures
  • Recruitment Consulting Firms : For existing team training needs
  • Stay-at-Home Parents Community : Looking at returning to work
  • Seniors Community : Looking at returning to work and looking at re-engaging themselves into active work assignments
  • Student Community : Graduates & Post Graduates looking at starting recruiting career

Yes, you can. Prior experience of HR/ Recruitments is NOT required.

We offer recruiting programs which are Instructor led, simple to understand & gives its participants an opportunity to develop new competency and learn new skill of recruiting.

You can start your career after any number of years gap in employment.

Even, if you have never worked till now and would like to start your career, WENcademy can help you learn a new skill of recruiting and you can take up recruiting roles anywhere.

“Certified Global Talent Consultant” Program facilitated by our experienced WENMentors deliveredthrough extensive modules on “End-To-End Hiring Process“gives our participants an opportunity to build new competency and learn new skill of recruiting.

Yes, at the end of the program, you will have to undergo assessment and on successful completion of our assessment, you will be Rewarded Certification of Participation from WENcademy.

PRODUCT – Recruitment Foundation Program (RFP) 

The Recruitment Foundation Program (RFP) is a 2 weeks Certification Program offered by WENcademy.

Program Offerings:

Mentor Led Online Session of 2-2.5 hours covering following four modules:

  • Principles of Recruiting
  • Candidate Sourcing, Assessment and Engagement
  • Conversations, Negotiation and Follow Ups with Process Stakeholders
  • Closing the Process Successfully
Program Add-On:
  • Additional Sessions further on Candidate Management, Query Solving & Specific Case Studies, group discussions, etc.
  • This online session is a combination of theory, case studies, worksheets and group discussions.
  • On successful participation & assessments, participants will be rewarded with Certification of Completion which recognizes you as Certified Global Talent Consultant.
  • WENcademy Community Access
PRODUCT – Key Account Management Program

The Key Account Management program is for Aspiring and Existing Account Managers (Client Managers) responsible for management of sales & relationship building with new and existing clients in the recruiting space.

Program Offerings:
  • Understand Key Account Management; The Process, The Principles
  • Identification of Key Accounts; Key Accounts & Strategic Accounts
  • Attributes of Highly Successful Key Account Managers; The Role & The Skills this role requires
Program Add-On:
  • Program Key Takeaways& Reflection Worksheet
  • WENcademy Community Access to get answers to all your doubts on Key Account Management from our experts
  • Certificate of Participation
PRODUCT – “Hire, Train & Empower” Talent

Our core job is to develop Recruiting Programs. Also, we mentor re-starters to take up recruiting as a skill. You can now train your in-house recruiters with the new age recruiting practices as well hire a trained recruiter for your organization with WENcademy.

  • We can hire (experienced recruiting professionals) for Client’s in-house / internal recruiting roles.
  • We can train Client’s existing in-house team of recruiters on specific recruiting modules or on End-To-End Recruiting Process
  • We can mentor talent pool (re-starters & fresher’s) to take up recruiting as a skill and a career with your organization.

Hire, Train & Empower” Talent is an initiative by WENcademy through this we intend to Hire, Train & Place individuals (non-recruiting & recruiting backgrounds) within our organization / clients (On Consulting Side). The roles we have open are majorly into Recruitments and Client Management in the recruiting space.

  • Enrolment In this Training & Placements are independent to each other.
  • Enrolment in the training does not guarantee placement in recruiting roles.
  • Successful completion of this program facilitates learning and does not provide you with a placement.
  • But on successful assessment, we can recommend you for open opportunities with Consulting Firms or Corporates.