CV Screening Tips for Recruiters


Reading and assessing a CV for the first time can be a crucial step in the recruitment process. As a
recruiter, it’s essential to screen CVs effectively to identify the best candidates for the job based on the
job description (JD).

Here are some steps to help you screen a CV effectively:
1) Familiarize yourself with the JD / Understand the Job Description: Before you start screening
CVs, make sure you have a thorough understanding of the job requirements, responsibilities,
and qualifications outlined in the JD. Highlight the most important criteria and make note of any
specific keywords or phrases mentioned. This will help you identify the most relevant

2) Skim the CV for an initial impression: Start by quickly skimming through the CV to get a general
sense of the candidate’s experience and qualifications. Look for relevant details such as the
candidate’s current job title, previous roles, educational qualifications, and notable

3) Focus on Relevant Experience: Pay close attention to the candidate’s work experience section,
particularly their recent roles. Look for positions that align with the requirements outlined in the
JD. Check for relevant job titles, responsibilities, and achievements that demonstrate the
candidate’s skills and experience in areas important to the role you are hiring for.

4) Assess qualifications and skills: Assess the candidate’s educational background, paying
attention to relevant degrees, diplomas, or certifications that are required for the position.
Additionally, look for any relevant skills, such as technical expertise, language proficiency, or
marketing tools they are familiar with. Verify if the candidate has the necessary qualifications or
if they have pursued any additional training or professional development in related areas.

5) Look for red flags: Be on the lookout for any potential red flags, such as unexplained
employment gaps, frequent job changes, or inconsistencies between the CV and the candidate’s
online presence (e.g., LinkedIn profile). Assess how closely the candidate’s background aligns
with the position requirements.

6) Take Notes and Prioritize: Make notes on each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses as you
assess their CV. Prioritize candidates based on how well they match the JD, keeping in mind any
essential qualifications or skills required. Make notes on each candidates “must have” skills and
“good to have” skills.

Remember that this initial CV screening is just the first step in the hiring process. It helps you shortlist
candidates for further evaluation through interviews or additional assessments.

Happy Hiring! ☺


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