Pre-Requisites for first connect with a Client Manager


When connecting with an account manager for the first time as a recruiter, it’s important to establish effective
communication and gather the necessary information to understand the client and position assigned to you.
Here are the steps you can take:

1. Check the timings on which the Client Manager would normally be available for a call with you. Also check
how the client manager prefers the call to go – he/she sends you the JD & you go through it and the connect OR
you connect directly where she will give you the download upfront.

2. The Call (Introduction and Purpose):
o Begin by introducing yourself and your role as a recruiter.
o Clearly state the purpose of the conversation, such as discussing the specific job opening which has been
assigned to you & inform the client manager about your level of understanding after you have gone
through JD

3. Request a Download:
o Ask the account manager for a “download” or a comprehensive overview of the client and the open
o Points to ask:
• Understand the client’s industry, company background, and culture.
• Obtain details about the specific role, including its responsibilities, required skills, and
qualifications, work experience, etc.
• Inquire about any specific challenges or pain points the client is facing.

4. Clarify the Assessment Process:
o Discuss the assessment trackers or any specific evaluation methods used by the client.
o Understand the key competencies or criteria the client is looking for in candidates.
o Ask about any pre-screening assessments, technical tests, interviews, or other evaluation stages
involved in the hiring process.
o Inquire about the timeline and expectations for providing candidate feedback.

5. Candidate Profile and Sourcing Strategy:
o Share information about the ideal candidate profile you have in mind based on the job requirements.
o Discuss the sourcing strategy, including channels to explore (e.g., job boards, LinkedIn, professional
networks) and any existing talent pools.
o Collaborate with the account manager to align on the sourcing approach and explore additional
resources if needed.

6. Communication and Reporting:
o Agree on a communication cadence and preferred methods of communication (e.g., email, phone, video
o Establish reporting mechanisms to update the account manager on candidate progress or any challenges
faced during the recruitment process.
o Determine the frequency and content of progress reports, ensuring they meet the account manager’s

7. Further Clarifications and Questions:
o Seek any additional information you may require to effectively represent the client and the position.
o Ask about the team structure, reporting lines, and potential career growth opportunities.
o Inquire about the company’s values, mission, and unique selling points that can help attract candidates.

8. Next Steps:
o Summarize the key takeaways from the conversation.
o Establish clear next steps, including setting deadlines for providing candidates or scheduling follow-up
o Express gratitude for the account manager’s time and cooperation.


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